Blockchain Cyber-security

High school student passionate about cyber-security and blockchain technology

Hello World !

I’m an 11th grade High school student in Perpignan, France passionate about the blockchain technology and cyber-security, I’m thinking orienting myself professionally in the field cyber-security as well as the blockchain technology tomorrow’s uses cases.

Crypto & Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and especially blockchain technology have been part of my passions for a few years, this new revolutionary ecosystem has taught me a lot of things. With freedom’s and confidentiality values, this technology offers us a real way to revolutionize ours society. I was also involved in several projects on the blockchain which allowed me to integrate myself into a more professional environment and to interact with different communities.


I made my first conference about the blockchain technology and its uses cases, this first conference was held for members of the DCF association of Perpignan with around forty people attending, this experience allowed me to meet a lot of people interested in this  technology, it also allowed me to promote myself to a larger circle thanks to the production of a teaser video wich you can watch by clicking on the button below.

Ambassador of a

I am the first and younger french ambassador of the Oasis Foundation, a revolutionary project in the blockchain ecosystem wich is re-thinking the way our data are exchanged on the web by giving a total control of the data to the proper user on the data he share with company and the possibility to be remunerated in return of sharing the data.


I have always been passionate  about tinkering and be curious about how electronic things work, i was doing what we call « hacking », i was using my toys a different way than others do and this allowed me to do more things. Finally, my curiosity and tinkering mindset has converted to IT, the field of cyber-security is fascinates me very much due to the curiosity needed to find new vulnerability or to secure things. The security has always been passionate since my young age, by starting into the fire security to the electric security and to finish today in the cyber-security.


Internet is a powerful place with limitless possibilities, this wonderful technology has been allowed us to move forward in the society and particularly in the way we communicate with others, internet is a free place of talk where censorship is only a myth. Well, all of this has existed until the begining of the reign of few company on the web also called GAFAM by naming only the biggest one. They impose a major problem in our society that concern everyone but not much people know or don’t care about it today. Our actions, our movements, our communications, our consumption habits, our political positioning, our ideologies, our behavior, and much more… all these data are in the hands of these giants company of the web, which poses a major problem to our privacy and individual freedoms.

My computer

Well, a little fun to finish, i allow you to laught on this laboratory graded installation, lol, if that can reassure you, this is only temporary and i won’t let it run all time, this is for the configuration purpose and to take the time to learn how to use this professional materials. The server on this picture is a Fujitsu Blade BX400, a nice toy with enought power to do much things on it but quit complicated to start with it and configure it for the first time. I am very happy and grateful to recovered this server thanks to a gentle person in the domain 🙂
At this time the server is in configuration and testing to learn the much i can on it, and i have a lot of work and things to learn with this !